Friday, April 20, 2012

Plant mini unit

Here is a mini plant unit!  It's the student pages for the anchor chart posted below.  It's only $2.00! You can get it HERE!

It also includes a little writing sheet and a 14 day plant journal to log the changes your plant makes each day.  In my classroom, each student gets to choose which plant they wanted to plant.  (well, they could choose from the ones the Delta Science Kit people sent us!) And, of course, an original poem by MOI!

Happy planting!  And TGIF!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My week in pictures

Here is my version of "The Camera Dump" blogpost!

First on the list is Abby's Poppin with Adjectives Unit!  I bought this last year and it worked so well, I pulled it out again!

From there we  purchase yet another unit from the Darlin' Mrs. Abby  This time is was the
 Pirate Mark--AR unit!  Again, I used this last year and it too was a WINNER!  So of course we used it again!

{I think this one looks like Chunk from the Goonies!}

We made a treasure map, {also in the unit}  I hid the words all over the school and of course someone else found them!  I had to put more words out the next morning..this time, only in my hall!!

From there we head on over to Miss Snowden where she has a FREE..yep..FREE Kite mini!  Our reading story was Days with Frog and Toad and our comprehension skill was problem/solution.  Last year we made kites...really.simple.kites!  But THIS year...I found THIS!!!      

AND, it's more than just kite outlines!  There are poems, contractions, and writing sheets!  Go check her out!!!

From there we move on into Science where we are learning about plants!  We planted our plants and then created this!  {I also have this available in a student sheet..well, almost available!  Check back this weekend!}  

Tomorrow we create the Plants Need and Give chart! 

 {This is my favorite Science unit..well, this and space..which we don't really teach in 1st grade anymore :(  }

THEN....I FOUND THIS!!!!  And Amy Lemons!  {who happens to live in the same town as my brother and sister in law!  AND, my sis in law got to hear her speak at those "teacher" days before school!!}  
Oh.My.Word!    I am IN love!!!!     

This little Earth Day unit has kept my kiddo's super busy this week!  Tomorrow we finish the Earth Day book and I am super excited and can't wait to take pics of those little darlin's!

And now some phonics!  This week is the er, ir, ur sound.  I saw something similar on Pinterest and re-created it.  I know my drawing skills need some improvement, but I literally had 30 minutes to throw this baby together while my darlin's were in Music.

Check back this weekend for the Plant mini with the student sheets!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Long O unit is finally done! And the countdown begins!!

I finally finished the Long O turned into a Mini Unit because I am just DRAINED!  But, alas, here it is!  It includes  an original poem by ME, sorting mats for o, ow, oa, and o_e words, a word list, "Slam" game, and "I have Who has?" game.  Check it out!!  Only $3.50!  

Our Spring break was the week of Easter and I took surprised my son with a trip to Disney World!   I kept it a secret until we arrived at the Disney World Welcoming Arch!!! 

{not an easy task while riding in a car for 13 hours with a 7 year old...imagine: Where are we going?  Are we there yet? Where ARE we?  for 13 hours!!}

He had been BEGGING me to take him but we just couldn't afford it.  God just worked some things out and we were able to make last minute reservations and head down to Orlando! 
  {by last minute I mean I called on Friday and we left the next week!   SO thankful they had a room for us!!}     
 We had a BLAST!  I cried, he cried, we laughed, we had so much fun!!!  It was truly a blessing that we were able to go!

And now the countdown is ON!!!  28 more days!  That's right...28!!!!  and 2 of those are field trips, 3 of those I am out for DIBELS testing, 3 are half days, 1 is the Spring Concert day, 1 is Field Day, and the rest will be C-RA-ZEEEE!!!

Have a great week!!