Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Graphing with Cheez-Its!

We are studying graphs this week and I thought about graphing food, cause, well, face it...I like food!  And it's a good motivator for kids!  So I thought about colored cereal, colored macaroni, jello,  even oreo's!   Then I saw this box:

I thought:  I could graph the vowels and the consonants!  They need a little help with that anyway, so it's a Win/Win!!!

And that's what we did today!

I gave each student a sheet of paper, and a handful of crackers.

They had to start out by sorting them into vowels and consonants.   

I even showed them on the ELMO

Then, they could graph them and EAT them!!

I added this graph to my 

(it's FREE!!!)

Happy graphing!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Perhaps I'm not too good at this....

I used to think of myself as pretty "tech-y".  I mean, I can create flip charts all day, I know my way around Microsoft word, pp, etc..I can use a MAC and a PC, I can even install software!  I am even the "go-to" person at my school for computer/tech issues.....BUT this blogger stuff is all new to me!!  I see people posting links, and cute little buttons, and those google docs......But I can't figure any of it out!  I've been to you tube, google, and even emailed some bloggers to ask for help!

So alas, here is my pitiful little google doc!  We are doing graphs in Math and I created this graph for the students to use a their desks, while I made the "big" one on the board.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The crate seats everyone is raving about!

ok,'ve all seen these on pintrest, and so I had to make them also!  I don't have enough chairs at my small group table, and I am tired to having the students drag their chair across the room every time they meet with me.  When I saw this idea on Pintrest, I HAD to make them!!!
So, here are the steps...It's way easy..especially if you have a crafty dad like mine!!!

The first thing you need to do is go to Wal-Mart and buy the crates with the lip inside---the ones that will hang file folders, and some spray glue.

Next, and I don't have a picture of this part, but, take your newly purchased crate to Lowes or Home Depot.  Go directly to the lumber department!  Ask the cute gentleman there to cut a sheet of plywood for  you!  (I didn't even have to flirt that much!)
I used 3/4 inch plywood because I wanted to make sure they would hold my students.
He will use your crate as a measurement, so remember to bring it in with you!
(you can get 12 boards cut from one sheet of plywood)

Next, take the cut boards to your dads house!!  (or purchase a sander while your at the Home Depot)

 I got my dad to use his sander to round off the corners of the makes them fit inside the crate perfectly!  (and the Home Depot people don't do this)  (and my dad has a mega shop with AH.MAZ.ING tools in it!!!)

 I purchased a twin mattress cover---AKA--Egg crate, at Wal-Mart for like $9.00!  It makes 9 cushions for the boards!  

 Spray the glue onto the board and put the egg crate on top.
 Wrap the board like a present with some pretty fabric that you spent all day looking for!!

 Use a staple gun, or borrow your dads!, and staple the fabric down to the board.

 Find some matching ribbon...I used flip flop ribbon cause my room is a beach theme!  Wrap it around and staple it down.  This is used as a handle.
 (after finishing the project, I probably should have stapled the ribbon on lengthwise for more support)

And VOILA!!  Nice little seats for my reading table!  AND, I plan to have each child sit in the same seat each time they come to small group, soooo, I will have them store their small group stuff, (dry erase board, marker, eraser sock, highlighter, index cards, etc..) in their crate!  It will still hold up a folder under the seat so each student can have their own folder in their seat with their stuff!!!

Thanks Dad!  

My Idea Place

I wanted to share with you where I get most of my ideas from!  I'll admit, I need some creativeness from other people occasionally!  It's not all from my cute little brain!!  So, this is the place where I go!!!

I tried to "grab" their cute little  button and paste it here, but I don't speak in HTML, so just click there and except to spend a few hours "blogstalking"!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Classroom Pics!

Ok, so it's only been like a month since I started this blog, I guess it's time I start actually blogging!  Anyway, here are some of my classroom pics!  Y'all, bear with me...I so should have taken these a few weeks ago, but really, who had time!  So, the kids have been in school for a week, so my classroom is now full of stuff!  Anyway, here they are!
This is my door!

This is the left side of my door!  Each sea animal is glued to a clothespin so I can hand student work in the hall.

This is my whole wall!

This is my wall and my across the hall neighbor's wall!  

Just another look at this wall!

My reading center...AKA:  The Reading Hut!

The Reading Hut!  (Notice the aquarium you watch while reading!)

This is above my computers.

A look to the front of the room from the door.

A look to the back from the door.  Yes, my ActiveBoard ROCKS!!  I Love that thing so much I refuse to teach without it!

Behind the door: Behavior Bay! (I know somewhere on the teacher blogs I found this's actually pretty popular)

Above my cubbies...another blog inspired idea!

My birthdays!  (From someone I totally forgot who though!)

Calendar Math....

This will be my Big Book Station.  That little white basket thingy will hold my pointers.

Totally pintrest inspired!

Focus wall and objectives...we're not "focusing" on much yet!

The writing center..right now it's a hot mess!  On the table is an assortment of writing utensils, papers, stamps, and stamp pads.  On the wall is a set of papers that have highly used words on them.

My window..totally pintrest inspired also!

My small group table...BUT....LOOK AT THE SEATS I MADE!! (Pintrest of course!) (excuse the from the students!)

My Word Wall...Yep, just noticed some of my border is missing!

Sharpened and Dull buckets.

So, there is my Beach inspired room!  I was going to make a Tiki Hut to go over the small group table..but let's face it....time just ran out on me!!!  Maybe before Christmas I can get it done!

Thanks Y'all!